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For Sale !
Free Range Eggs. Taste the difference. Our golden hens are never caged, and run free each day (weather permitting). They enjoy a balanced diet, plus alfalfa hay, and all the goodies they can find outside (seeds, grass hoppers, and tender plants are their favorites)
We gather the eggs each day and deliver to a store near you once a week, so our eggs are fresh when you buy them.

Eggs Currently Available At:

*Keslers Market in Blackfoot
*The Wealth of Health (1st and Woodruff) in Idaho Falls
*Pocatello Food Co-op (501 North Main) in Pocatello
*Scorceby Farm Market (North Woodruff) in Idaho Falls
Call: 785- 4976
Our Family Farm, LLC
Yearling Red Angus Bulls For Sale!

Sired by:
Red Six Mile Sakic
Norseman King
     BW     WW     YW     M     TM    ME     Stay                                    BW     WW     YW     M     TM     ME     Stay
   -.1         52        87      17     43     0          11                                      -.3        66       87     24      57     -1          8
N2  Sakic  BW: 85 lbs                        205 day weaning weight 651 lbs       

S12 Norseman kng BW: 80 lbs        205 day weaning weight 657 lbs

W32 Norseman King BW: 75 lbs     205 day weaning weight 617 lbs

38x  Sakic  BW: 70 lbs                       205 day weaning weight 625 lbs