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Show Pigs
For Sale

        We began raising show pigs in 2002 with four sows and some beginners luck.  Since then our herd has grown to over 30 sows.
        We work hard all year to raise healthy, fast growing pigs that will compete well in the show ring, giving youth a positive experience in 4-H.  Each sow is mated to top sires (pictured below) to produce show pigs that are genetically "up to date" with national show trends. 
         All of our sows and show pigs are on an extensive (and expensive)  vaccination program to help protect them from common diseases like Pneumonia, Flu, Erysipelas, and Circo virus.

Show Pigs
We have pigs for sale (Spring 2019) sired by  the boars pictured below
January Show pigs, at 3 weeks old. All A.I. Sired
Our Family Farm LLC
                  X-treme Makeover                                                  Mouse Trap                                                        Straight Jacket

                  Frank 199                                                                       All Rise                                                                   Power Ball
                         Castaway                                                                        Tom Cat                                                            New Recruit 
                     Hard Knox                                                                  Perfect Match